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My simple process explained

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Things just work better when they’re simple. Don’t they?

Complicated systems and overwhelming processes are excuses waiting to happen. They’re just too danged hard to follow, and too much of a pain in the neck to keep up with. The better process is a simple one with as little friction as possible.

My process comes down to essentially three core elements: Idea generation, a loose outline, and the one-two punch of starting one new article and finishing another from a day or so before.

Poetry Sunday

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I won’t speak for no one else
this year has humbled me
I am thankful for such simple things
but these things,
despite the simplicity,
are everything

In humility
I am grateful for my family
the love that binds us,
builds us
and when they become an empty seat,
breaks us

I am grateful to break bread,
share a laugh
it’s ok because we’ve been locked in together
this whole time
no travel or unnecessary risk to jeopardize
one another’s health
I wear my mask
for my father’s sake, for my mother’s sake

We have been together this whole time
it’s a simple thing,
but I am so grateful for it
I couldn’t imagine having to stay away
I can’t speak for anyone else,
but I am grateful

It all comes down to empathy and a little imagination

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Here’s a quick tip, whether you’re an old pro or someone just checking things out in the blogosphere. You have something you want to say, but finding your audience can feel a little bit like a maze. I’ve been there, and truth be told, I still have my days.

So, here is a quick read to give you a little inspiration and a whole lot of help in only as many words as are needed. Let’s dive in.

Grow where your readers are

There are no two ways about it, you have to know your reader at a different level if you want to write something they’ll not only read and enjoy, but also find value in. …

Why it’s better to be different

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“”Normal” is what the majority does, which is why “different” is so much more interesting.” (@simonsinek on Twitter, Tweets From Simon Sinek)

I sat down this morning to work on one of several pieces I have in the works. A funny thing happened though, none of them interested me. So, I switched music (the slow stuff wasn’t working), took a long drink of piping hot green tea, and meditated on the above quote that I spotted the other day.

Simon Sinek makes a powerful observation and it really resonates with me. I find myself hitting pause this morning to evaluate whether I’m just being another cog in the machinery or really tapping into the more powerful stuff I know that I can. …


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Thanksgiving always makes me think of her
she loved her pumpkin pie
my grandma, my friend
we shared long moments of conversation

I look at the place where she used to sit
just behind it is the place where her urn now sits
a little cabinet momma used to fill with trinkets
now holds grandma’s ashes and her favorite things

I am grateful for my folks
and the quiet Thanksgiving we share
just us, and that’s plenty enough
locked in together, shutting the world out

We worry over our other loved ones
our family and our friends
the virus raging, danger just beyond the door
I miss my grandma this and every Thanksgiving


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Photo by Joshua Michaels on Unsplash

Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday
73 years ago my father was born
on a little bend in the creek
not far from where he currently lives

It’s been a long stretch of creek since 1947
he hasn’t seen much of the wider world
but my father is a simple man
who has traveled far in war and westerns alike

He was drafted in the '60s
served in the army
got his traveling in early
came back to Kentucky and built a life

My father, my friend
born on a creek in a little bend
the child of Kentucky
embodying its spirit

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Photo by Dan Burton on Unsplash

If you truly want to do what others can’t, be willing to do what others aren’t as willing to be.

Be yourself. Be real. Be open. Be ready to own your growth — which means owning mistakes, shortcomings, even failures. Be willing to own who you are, what you believe, and the sense of purpose and mission that drives you.

Be ready to drag out your soapbox, but more importantly, be compassionate and more ready to put it away. …

Michelle Legro writes. She continues, “Your new Medium profile isn’t just a gathering of your writing — it’s a living, breathing thing.

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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Medium is changing, and as I have often written before, it’s the most flexible and able to adapt that survive. More than that, given time and practice, it’s the quickest to learn and apply the lessons that not only survive but thrive.

What’s this mean for your writing here on Medium? Loosen up a little, be more willing to try things out, to be observant, to test the waters, and see what’s possible. Have fun with what you’re reading and writing.

If you really want to stand out, do something different.

Poetry Sunday

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Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

I drink enchanted water
from a woodland well
I don’t know how my bare feet
first found this place

In the thick of the oldest parts of the forest
where even the shadows are tired
was it a dream, a nightmare
that first led me to this Fae-hidden wood

Where shadows stretch about lazily
yawning darkness even at noon
the woods have a song all its own
comes calling to certain ears

Where shade and Fae-folk dance
not quite sure when my bare feet found
this siren singing wood
I drank its enchanted water

A poem

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Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

There’s an old journal on my desk
sitting in front of the tea mug
it’s handmade, nothing like it
each page is an aged brown

It sits there, on a palace of catastrophe
I call my work-space
it’s age worn pages barely touched
it feels sacred

Ah the desk with its elaborate chaos
is a song of poetry all by itself
the journal fits right in
sacred, set apart, revered

Sitting to tis side away from the paint brushes
its handcrafted mysteries a myth in the making
thirsty for dark ink and a bit of imagination
there’s a journal sitting on my desk

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