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Kentucky poet & scribbler. Content management, copywriting, and marketing. Let's connect:

Make copywriting a lifestyle

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If you’re in marketing, you know the name Joe Sugarman. If you don’t, shut this down, go buy his book and take the week or weekend off, I’ll be here when you come back and we can move forward then.

Seriously, if you want to understand great copywriting, take time studying what Joe Sugarman writes about it, and what he did to take it to new heights. He is a legend in copywriting for a reason, and there is so much to learn from him — both directly from his writing on the subject and from his example.

And that’s…

Copywriting is about persuasion

Design by author, Gregory D. Welch in Canva

Don’t get these two things mixed up.

Copywriting and content writing are different from one another, and they have different objectives and goals. They serve different projects. And if you get them mixed up on a proposal you could cost yourself the whole job. Still worse, if you don’t understand the purpose of each of these styles of writing, you could waste hours and hours of precious time working toward goals that one form of writing or the other was never meant to do.

If you’re just entering the world of copywriting or thinking about it, you don’t want to…

Thinking strategically really comes down to asking good questions

Colorful chess pieces.
Colorful chess pieces.
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Just what exactly is content strategy?

You could hop on Google and find half a dozen complicated-sounding explanations that just aren’t necessary. Content strategy is simply the planning, development, and use of content to help advance a business or person’s goals.

"A content strategy is a strategy that takes your business goals, and then uses content as a primary means to achieve those goals." (, How to Develop a Content Strategy: A Start-to-Finish Guide)

In other words, content strategy is the smart use of stories, creative writing, blog posts, and any other form of content to help you achieve the…

The lesson is only as good as the practice you’re willing to put in

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A while back I wanted to learn how to write better introductions for my blog posts and articles. So I dug into the core principles of growth and progress and decided to do some deliberate practice.

Are you being intentional with your writing practice? Remember, the lesson is only as good as the practice you’re willing to put in.

So, wanting to learn how to write better introductions, what I did as a form of deliberate practice started as simply collecting examples of the kinds of introductions I liked and wanted to use as a guide and then over time…

My simple process explained

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Things just work better when they’re simple. Don’t they?

Complicated systems and overwhelming processes are excuses waiting to happen. They’re just too danged hard to follow, and too much of a pain in the neck to keep up with. The better process is a simple one with as little friction as possible.

My process comes down to essentially three core elements: Idea generation, a loose outline, and the one-two punch of starting one new article and finishing another from a day or so before.

When I do these things, I keep a rolling collection of work. Often I have several…


Photo by Jessie McCall on Unsplash

It’s Sunday darlin, which means a little porch swing swinging and a few stolen kisses, little cuddles, little laughs, and little love notes written on our little moments that say so much tucked in the lopsided folds of our lazy little day

How about we cuddle up on that old porch swing, stealing a few kisses as we swing swing, have ourselves a little book date as the night swims up around us and the lightning bugs write little love notes in flashing lines dancing between the wildflowers and the poetry of their petals

As the night wraps us up…


Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

Hi beautiful, when I think about what all I love about you, it’s the little moments we tuck in the little folds of all these little love notes we pass back and forth, the little laughs and stories we share, the do nothing dates and the way we say so much

Let’s take our fingers and trace little trails across each other’s arms, and across the back of each other’s hands, follow them with little kisses and little shivers, just before we hug each other up close and kiss each other’s ears

I love the little love notes we write…


Photo by Marian Florinel Condruz on Unsplash

I’m still grinning your favorite lopsided grin, thinking about Friday and that little road trip we took, all the precious stops and little things we did, and all the little love notes we tucked in all of our little moments, so here’s a little love note for you, folded in a little lopsided fold with all the feels and so much tucked in

Waking up to little chats with you, covered in a Summer thin sheet and the rich darkness of a cool early morning, wrapping ourselves up in a blanket of whispers and little laughs

Kiss me darlin, feel…


Photo by Janice Gill on Unsplash

Hi beautiful, here’s a little Sunday love letter just for you, my hand out while our song plays, did you just twirl? I ask with your favorite lopsided grin, you tuck in close, your face buried in my neck as we dance and sway

We melt into our little moment on the porch swing, chatting about a little of everything and nothing at all, just a summer Sunday made special with each little laugh, and each little kiss, each little moment, and the way we melt into each other swing swinging into the early Sunday afternoon

I love writing little…

It all comes down to the practice you’re willing to put in

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

Every time I read a blog post, or an article, or a book, I learn something about the craft of writing itself. No matter what the subject of that blog post, or article, or book is, it can still teach me about writing itself. I learn something about what works and what doesn’t. And if I’m deliberate about it, I might even begin to wonder why it does or doesn’t work, and that can take what I learn to an entirely new level of creative potential.

Great writing leads to great ideas and great ideas lead to great writing. Great…

Gregory D. Welch

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