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Kentucky poet & scribbler. Multipotentialite interested in lifestyle design for creatives. Need a coach or have a project for me?

Thinking strategically really comes down to asking good questions

Colorful chess pieces.
Colorful chess pieces.

Just what exactly is content strategy?

You could hop on Google and find half a dozen complicated-sounding explanations that just aren’t necessary. Content strategy is simply the planning, development, and use of content to help advance a business or person’s goals.

"A content strategy is a strategy that takes your business goals, and then uses content as a primary means to achieve those goals." (, How to Develop a Content Strategy: A Start-to-Finish Guide)

In other words, content strategy is the smart use of stories, creative writing, blog posts, and any other form of content to help you achieve the…

The lesson is only as good as the practice you’re willing to put in

A while back I wanted to learn how to write better introductions for my blog posts and articles. So I dug into the core principles of growth and progress and decided to do some deliberate practice.

Are you being intentional with your writing practice? Remember, the lesson is only as good as the practice you’re willing to put in.

So, wanting to learn how to write better introductions, what I did as a form of deliberate practice started as simply collecting examples of the kinds of introductions I liked and wanted to use as a guide and then over time…

My simple process explained

Things just work better when they’re simple. Don’t they?

Complicated systems and overwhelming processes are excuses waiting to happen. They’re just too danged hard to follow, and too much of a pain in the neck to keep up with. The better process is a simple one with as little friction as possible.

My process comes down to essentially three core elements: Idea generation, a loose outline, and the one-two punch of starting one new article and finishing another from a day or so before.

When I do these things, I keep a rolling collection of work. Often I have several…


My hand on your heart, I smile as I feel my soul held by yours
I love going to church with you, the way our souls whisper to one another as they dance and worship
you catch me peeking at you between pauses in the sermon, and I catch you peeking at me during worship songs, both times we grin and feel that precious feeling
and then comes those after Church chats where you smile and look so beautiful, I feel my heart dancing as I fall even more for you

I love the easy way we connect on our…


Darlin, take my hand in yours, lace your fingers through mine, come close
close your eyes, feel me kissing you, long slow kisses dancing across your lips
you are my favorite wildflower, with the butterfly wings fluttering, and all that sunshine in your smile
put your hand on my heart, can you feel it? My heart skipping beats for you

Close your eyes darlin, feel me pull you close, my breath against your skin as we sway a little to our favorite songs let’s give this dance a little twirl, and I’ll grin back at you when you grin at…


Hey darlin, I spotted a couple of butterflies playing in the field
come and sit with me on the swing, cuddle in close and we can soak up the sunshine and watch the field for its poetry
just a little moment, a pause to catch our breath and let our souls hold hands
I love the simple moments with you, how all the feels we feel are tucked into these quiet pauses and little moments together

There's always room for you on the swing with me darlin, let's cuddle up close and see what poetry the day might whisper to…


It’s a little too cold to cuddle up on the porch swing today
so let’s cozy down in bed, I’ll push back the curtains and let the sun pour in
I’ll kiss the constellations by your eyes, wrapping my arm around you while you lay close and we read
you tell me to “shh” with a little grin, and we crack open the book

I wrap us up in our warm fuzzy blanket, the sun kissing your face beside me we listen to the whisper of the book we’re both reading it speaks to us, pulls us in like magic…

Where content strategy is about the plan, content marketing is about the tactics

If you’re a writer entering the content marketing world, you already have enough to deal with, you don’t need to add a bunch of confusing terms to the mix, right?

So, let me ask you, what is the difference between content strategy and content marketing? You may have not given it much thought before, but there are some very important differences, despite their many similarities. And, there are some very important connections between the two as well.

At its core, content strategy is a plan of action that you put together to reach a specific goal for your content. Content…


I took another little walk today
and found myself surrounded by wildflowers
one little butterfly danced lazily around me as I explored
the sound of the creek not far away mixed with the bird song and made music

I love how even though you're napping right now, you're right here with me
I can see you smiling among the pretty petals, that happy contented look in your eyes
the spring sounds playing us music to dance to
hey darlin, let's sit here for a while, so I can see the sunshine kiss you and maybe steal a few kisses myself


The butterflies are showing up in the field more often as Spring settles in
every day I see them, I can't help but think of you and grin
all these little love notes tucked into a day, each one making me think of you
like when I walked the field earlier and found tiny little wildflowers growing alongside the clovers

Every day I see something that whispers your name or carries your sweet scent on a breeze, that reminds me of you, and guess what I do I grin your favorite grin, wrapping these moments up as little surprises to…

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