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The lesson is only as good as the practice you’re willing to put in

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A while back I wanted to learn how to write better introductions for my blog posts and articles. So I dug into the core principles of growth and progress and decided to do some deliberate practice.

Are you being intentional with your writing practice? Remember, the lesson is only as good as the practice you’re willing to put in.

So, wanting to learn how to write better introductions, what I did as a form of deliberate practice started as simply collecting examples of the kinds of introductions I liked and wanted to use as a guide and then over time grew into the system I’m about to share with you. …

Focus on who you’re becoming.

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As I consider the ending of one year and the birth of another, I find myself trying to figure out what one or few words might best tap into the essence of the coming year I want to live out. I don’t do this to tap into something mystical, though such is welcomed if it happens.

I did this last year and found the words I chose vibrating through the year, my mind returning to them constantly and the simple truth of the words I chose became a mantra of sorts.

Reboot and keep moving forward. That was last year’s words. At the time I chose them, or perhaps they chose me, I had no idea how true they’d feel through a year of constant change. That’s the essence of what I most want to tap into for this coming year as well. …

My simple process explained

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Things just work better when they’re simple. Don’t they?

Complicated systems and overwhelming processes are excuses waiting to happen. They’re just too danged hard to follow, and too much of a pain in the neck to keep up with. The better process is a simple one with as little friction as possible.

My process comes down to essentially three core elements: Idea generation, a loose outline, and the one-two punch of starting one new article and finishing another from a day or so before.

When I do these things, I keep a rolling collection of work. Often I have several options for what to focus on next and what needs doing. …

A good story is a good game of tug of war.

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To write good fiction, the kind that does more than lay there on the page flat and unread, you have to be willing to give your characters something they want. This can’t be something they are only half committed to either. They have to want it to the very fabric of their being. It must be interwoven with their fate and their sense of what that means.

But don’t let this fool you either. This desire, whatever it may be for, doesn't have to be overcomplicated or be a desire for complicated things. …

This is how to take your blogging to the next level

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With a little over 500 published articles to my name as a blogger, and an engaged audience that is actively growing, I’ve learned a few things about writing online that can help you. This isn’t about me, it’s about you, and what you can accomplish if you’re willing to put ass to chair and trust yourself and your creativity to become the awesome writer you know you can be.

The blog that gets read consistently is the blog that posts good stuff its audience is excited about on a regular basis.

Blogging, just like writing, might not be for everyone. But if you have something inside of you — an itch that nothing else can scratch, nothing except writing and creativity — then these tips will help you. So, if you’re ready to sit down, do the work and see what kind of amazing things you can accomplish, then let’s dive in. …

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