This is a truly fantastic piece. It taps into so many points, some you make directly and some that, maybe it’s just me, I take from reading between the lines.

Society has evolved, but basic human respect… it still makes sense, it’s still necessary regardless of the medium.

But back to your topic, this resonates with me as Im trying to purposefully engage with other writers more on here. Oh, I’ve read and I’m a big fan of highlights and supporting with claps plenty in the time I’ve been in here. And I know that those actions can support my marketing strategies and tactics. But it’s also sort of distant, isn’t it? In a way.

Diving in here though, and really taking time to not just casually comment but to sort of write you a quick note, well, that puts a face on things. Sure, it’s a bit more work for both of us (me writing, and you reading it), but when I read something and find myself wanting to respond, that’s a richer and deeper show of support in my opinion.

What do you think?

Looking forward to the next one!

— Greg

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Kentucky poet & scribbler. Inspiring creatives to live a creative lifestyle. Creating with courage, passion, & purpose-fueled growth. Progress over perfection.

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