This is a great piece of writing and overflowing with so much depth and advice. Thank you for this.

I love to read. I always have. I was the kid in the grocery store reading paperbacks, tagging along behind my mom before reading and walking was a thing.

Like you, life has pulled me away from reading for myself and back in 2019 I began to consciously make it a habit again. I am not a fast reader and have learned to embrace this reality. But a funny thing, the more I read, the faster I get and the greater my comprehension.

A few challenges I’m taking away from this:

  • Mix in more variety of subject and genre
  • Read more fiction
  • Consider audiobooks

Quick question on this last one, do you recommend all genres for audio books or just fiction or nonfiction? I feel like fiction would work best for me when it comes to listening. Curious to hear your thoughts.

— Greg

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