Great post, thanks for breaking this down like you did. I’m exploring the Zettlekasten Method and trying to get started with it. I’m using obsidian for a digital version and really happy with the choice.

I’m trying to better understand how to title my notes and how best to tag things. I have been titling like I would any note to myself (well, somewhere between a note and an article I’d write on here). But I’m wondering how efficient this will be over the long run.

As for tags, I’ve been modeling them loosely after tags on here since I tend to mostly write and research for blog posts and articles. But I’ve also kept things loose and adapted new tags as they fit.

Again, thanks for sharing!

— Greg

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Kentucky poet & scribbler. Inspiring creatives to live a creative lifestyle. Creating with courage, passion, & purpose-fueled growth. Progress over perfection.

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