I Once Heard a Story of a Dark Old Forest

Poem of an old and wild woods

Gregory D. Welch
1 min readAug 28, 2020


Photo by daniel plan on Unsplash

I once heard a story of a dark old forest
I stepped into a different part of the wilderness
I was weary of regular paths
there once was a mirror in the old woods

This woods had grown strange
my feet fell into a rhythm
I had to see what the mirror saw
I wanted more of the wilderness, less of the norm

Feet grow tired of well-worn steps
my footsteps fell off the well trod path
following a trail that hugged old trees
it bent, and curved, until it was swallowed up

Some might have said it was a step too far
off the regular path
I took a step, just one step
once upon a trail seldom trod



Gregory D. Welch

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