Is Publishing A Blog Post Every Day Worth it?

So, you want to be a writing rock-star? The next big thing in the blogging world? Of course, you have to smash that publish button every day, right?

But here’s the real question, is it worth it?

The first week isn’t too bad, the second and third are only a little more challenging, but once you hit that month marker, expect some bumps in the road. That’s been my experience.

Makes you grow as a writer

One of the first things I’ve noticed about taking up this kind of challenge is how much I’ve changed as a writer, and not just how much my work has changed. I used to struggle just writing one post, much less figuring out what to write about.

And this says nothing of the struggle with perfection.

I’m far from having arrived at a place where I’m comfortable with my accomplishment, but the real prize of pursuing something bigger than you think you can accomplish is in who it helps you become. The more I wrestle with this challenge, try to come up with new ideas every day, try things, pivot from other things, and hammer out words, the more I change.

It’s a refining process, trying to write something new and exciting, something that can really help a reader out. It cranks up a notch or three when you combine that with the effort of trying to get something together to publish every day.

It’s about a lot more than the words, or even the work, I’ve come to discover. It’s the transformation it puts you through.

Practice the process

Here’s something else I’ve learned, publishing daily isn’t the same thing as writing daily and it takes a lot more than just one task in the writing process.

I’ve written about this before, but writing is a process, not just the single task of writing itself. It has all of these moving parts to it, and if you really want to take your writing to the next level, don’t forget the rest of the process.

This is important because when you take on a challenge like this, you are also taking on the challenge of each of the different parts that work together to make hitting that publish button possible.

This means making time for the writing process, your revision and editing work, research and taking notes, reading, educating yourself, and the rest of your writer’s lifestyle too.

It’s no small feat publishing every day, and I don’t share that to scare you off, but to encourage you. Know what you’re getting into and do it with power.

Increases your opportunities for success

If it’s one thing I don’t believe in, it’s sitting on your butt hoping for luck to show up and save the day. Hope ain’t a strategy, and I tend to think luck dodges the lazy (OK, not always, but that’s a side point).

Here’s the thing, the more you write, the more opportunities you have for your work to be discovered. You never know who might read your work, or where that may lead. It’s not just about going viral either, but putting in the work and making something worthy of the love and excitement of your readers.

Everything you write is a rung in the ladder of your experience and growth as a writer. The better you want to get at this writing thing, the more you have to write. The bigger the opportunities you want to have, the more you have to write. And the more you want from all of this, the more you have to write.

You can’t get around this, if you want to be a next-level writer, you have to do next-level things. You have to push yourself, challenge yourself, and trust yourself. No matter what, keep working, keep writing, and keep moving forward.

Mistakes to avoid

OK, time for some real talk. This won’t be easy, trust me, if it’s one thing I’ve learned time and time again is just how danged difficult this writing thing can be. I write about these topics a lot, but you know what? I still have days where the creativity runs dry, the ideas dodge me, and I feel like I’m writing through sludge — every thought and idea comes so slowly and with such difficulty.

I want you to know these things because that’s how you can be successful at it. You have to learn from more than just your own experiences, you have to learn from mine and others too. This is the secret sauce to learning anything that seems larger than life. Study the lessons and lives of those who are doing the work.

Mistakes to avoid:

  • Expecting this to be easy, it won’t be.
  • Getting into this for the wrong reason. Write to help, write to inspire, write to transform your life and the lives of others, but don’t do it for fame, fortune, or whatever else might distract you from this noble work.
  • Having a weak “why” fueling your effort. You need a sense of mission, a bigger purpose behind all of this. It’ll carry you on the toughest days.
  • Not planning ahead. I’m a sucker for a good strategy and a well-built plan. Know ahead of time what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it. Are you going to batch write for a day or two and edit next, then publish everything on a schedule or try to work at it daily? Whatever your approach, keep this in mind, life will still surprise you. Try to anticipate this as much as possible.
  • Not reflecting on the endeavor regularly. This kind of challenge is going to need some thoughtful reflection, maybe some adaptation, or even outright change. That’s all fine, it’s part of it. Give yourself time to discover what is and isn’t working, and time to think about how to face each of these situations head-on.


Now we come full circle. The simple truth is, only you know what’s best for you as a writer and what’s best for your writing long-term. That’s what should guide your decision more than anything.

If you post daily, will your blog see increased growth? New readers showing up? New engagement? Absolutely.

The tricky part of winning at blogging, and doing so over the long-haul too, is to find the balance and to work it for everything it has. You have to work hard, smart, and constantly be evaluating what is and isn’t working. This will take effort, but if you can pull it off.

So, what’s right for you? What can you do, every day, without missing a beat? Can you keep showing up? If so, smash that publish button and get ready for the next time around.

In the end, you just might come to discover that it isn’t really about hitting the publish button nearly as much as it is about who you become doing so. All you can do is show up, smash it, and grow.

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Kentucky poet & scribbler. Inspiring creatives to live a creative lifestyle. Creating with courage, passion, & purpose-fueled growth. Progress over perfection.

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