J. J.,

This must be one of those Mondays where all the muses are yelling at me to pay attention haha. All the articles I’ve been reading today have confirmed things I’ve been thinking inspired me to keep going on different experiments of my own, and resonating in a bunch of other ways.

Yours included.

I started doing a similar approach in July. Just making an intentional effort to start commenting on the stuff I was reading. I made it a daily habit and have been going since. I’m currently responding to a couple more articles a day than I did when I started out but will likely scale back. Sustainability beats quantity.

Anyway, just from this experiment I’ve noticed a significant increase in views, reads, and engagement on my responses and my articles in general.

I can’t wait to try this approach out next. Very smart advice!

And that is my long winded response back to you.

— Greg

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Kentucky poet & scribbler. Inspiring creatives to live a creative lifestyle. Creating with courage, passion, & purpose-fueled growth. Progress over perfection.

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