Fantastic piece! The only way to learn Medium is to do exactly what you’re doing. Dive in, try things out, make mistakes, step back, assess, repeat. You got this.

Besides that little bit of motivation, lemme just say, I really enjoyed this piece and the subtext of community and Cooperative competition that I got from it. You’re spot on with your ideas about how to grow as a writer, and not just here.

Plus, I had a bit of an insight while reading this quoted passage. One of my favorite topics to write about is writing itself. There are mixed thoughts on whether it’s a viable topic but I’ve always thought of my niche as being my own unique voice and chasing the things that both add value to the lives of my readers and are things I wish I had known sooner.

This comes back to teaching as a form of learning for me because the more I write about writing — Not just the how to stuff, but the lifestyle and more subjective creative elements — the more I ultimately learn and am teaching myself.

Fantastic point!

— Greg

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