The Beauty of Bright Snow

Photo by Darius Cotoi on Unsplash

The beauty of bright snow
stands in contrast to the black road
cutting strips through the blanket of cold layered over it
the snow whispers a welcome that is more lie than truth

The contrast between bright snow and the still dark world outside
is an ice stained metaphor
a lie about a welcome, come and drive
devil language of jagged promises, still fresh from their breaking

The fresh fall of snow is a beautiful story
but I know my car, I know its tires
the siren song of snow on the road
a rhythm I don’t want to dance to

I know those tires, I know how Teflon-like they can be
cutting strips down the blanket of snow-cursed road
a song I don’t want to hear the tires singing
the beauty of white snow

Kentucky poet & scribbler. Content management, copywriting, and marketing. Let's connect:

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