There’s a Gentle Sound to the Way the Rain Kisses the Tin Roof


Gregory D. Welch
3 min readJun 6, 2021


Photo by Liv Bruce on Unsplash

A little storm rumbles in, all rain with a splash of thunder, a few darts of lightning, and you cuddle closer

There’s a gentle sound to the way the rain kisses the tin roof of the cabin, the way the wind caresses its face and pulls us closer together

We cuddle up, turning the lights down low, lighting a few candles, thinking it’s a good night for a movie, and holding each other close

And if the lights flicker out, we’ll flick a few more candles to life and chat quietly to the backdrop of the rain kissing the tin roof, doing a little kissing ourselves

Cuddle in close darlin, let’s let the soft sound of the rain dancing across the tin roof wrap us up in its little song

Our little moment, with your little smile as you look up at me, laying your head on my chest, tucks us in and holds us close

To be honest darlin, I kind of hope the lights do go out, just so we can light the candles and steal a few kisses, melt together and let the rain sing its soothing song

And each time the gentle storm rumbles a little thunder, I feel you cuddle in a little closer, wrapping my arms around you, holding you so comfortably close

I catch you peeking at me, smiling that one smile I love so much, and feel my heart skip a beat, as our little moment tucks us in and holds us close, just a little of me and a little of you with all this rain singing its little song

Let’s kiss away the thunder, wrapping ourselves up in the special feeling of the rain song dancing across the tin roof above, whispering all the feels as I caress your face and pull you a little closer

And each time the little storm rumbles just a splash of thunder, I feel you cuddle a little closer, I smile and wrap my arms around you, hugging you up and holding you so comfortably close

Let’s forget the movie and just lay here holding each other, watching the candles dance to the sound of all that rain kissing the little tin roof, my fingers touching your lips before I lean in and kiss you, making your butterflies blush



Gregory D. Welch

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