There’s Poetry in These Pretty Petals

Photo by Joana Pires on Unsplash

The peach trees blossom with white and pink petals
I see them and think of you
there's poetry in these pretty petals
the fragrant sweet smell carries me to the fragrant sweet smell of you

I see pretty flowers and think of you
I find our romance written in all the little things that remind me of you, from fragrant petals to little moments
the spring sweet smells of a still cool morning
and my arms ache to feel you wrapped up in them

Our romance is written with the leaves of flowers and whispered in the wind that carries their scent
I snap a picture to share with you, leaving the flower to grow some more
my arms are always ready to wrap around you, to hug you up tight and hold you
I love the way you feel in them, your head on my chest, our hearts singing to one another as we lay close

I call these little finds, of flowers blooming and pretty sights I want to share, little surprises
there's poetry in these pretty petals
curl up in my arms darlin, I have so many flowers to share with you
each one a little love note, poem, and a gentle whisper of all the feels I feel for you

Kentucky poet & scribbler. Content management, copywriting, and marketing. Let's connect:

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