Which is More Important in Reaching Success: Passion or Knowledge?

Success is built on both passion and success

Gregory D. Welch


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Which is more important in reaching success? Passion or knowledge?

Neither if you don’t apply them to some kind of action, but beyond this, I think they’re equal in their contribution toward your success. You need both.

Passion is the fire that not only gets you going but keeps you going. Knowledge is how you know you’re heading in the right direction with all your effort.

“Wealth is not just about the dollars in your bank account, or your net worth. True wealth is about living in alignment with what matters most to you — in alignment with your values…” (Hal Elrod, David Osborn, Honoree Corder, Miracle Morning Millionaires)

Passion is just as important in achieving success as knowledge. Think about it, without passion to fuel you, are you as likely to learn the things you need in order to accomplish the things you want?

Knowledge is what you know, and what you can learn. passion is what drives you to learn in the first place. The two go hand in hand.

In any pursuit worth doing, you’ll need both knowledge and passion. Without the right combination, you’ll have a much harder time achieving true success.

How do you define success?



Gregory D. Welch

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