Christmas Kisses at the Cabin


Gregory D. Welch


Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

How about a little drive, chasing fresh snow and writing poems with each snowflake, writing little love notes in our little moments, laughing as we kiss Christmas kisses and cuddle up close

Let’s head up to the little cabin, sprinkle a little Christmas around with flick flickering lights all along that old porch and wrap up the old tree we like to lean back on too

Close your eyes babe, let’s listen for the flutter of Butterfly wings as we melt in our little moment together

Whatcha say darlin, doesn’t that old Christmas tree we just chopped down and dragged in from the hillside look like the kind that needs us to do a little Christmas swayin’ to give it that Christmas spirit?

Let’s tuck a little Christmas kissing into our little moment, sitting beside that old tree all bundled up in that old fuzzy blanket — and a few more cause it’s cold darlin! — and each other’s arms

And when the snow falls just right, let’s roll snowballs and have a playful snowball fight, falling in the snow making snow angels, and building little lopsided snowpeople with little lopsided grins

Let’s fill this whole place with Christmas cuddles and the poetry of your little laughs and shy smiles as I grin your favorite lopsided grin, lace your fingers with mine babe and let’s do a little Christmas tree swayin’

You know what a night like tonight needs? Lights turned out and the flick flicker of the Christmas tree writing poetry in greens and reds as we cuddle up beside our little fire and steal little kisses, whispering little whispers as we do

Let’s fall in the snow and make snow angels as the Christmas lights dance out of the window and kiss our laughing faces as we roll around stealing kisses and throwing snowballs at each other, cuddling up and kissing as we look at our lopsided snow angels with so much written in their making

And when the cold crawls in with the deep side of night, we can make a little fire in the fireplace and sip hot coffee and hot chocolate, writing poetry in whip cream on the tippy tip of your nose, laughing and saying so much

No lights needed but the light of our little fire and a few candles on the mantel, the…



Gregory D. Welch

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